Story time: Back in the mid 90's I loved building detailed miniature cars. So I had build a 1/24th super detailed version full of custom machined metal and photo-etched custom parts, all the wiring, opened the doors, all that. In the process I fell in love with the car. Then in 2009, after I had transitioned into 3D digital modeling, I built this to the best of my abilities.
Not too shabby for the time and the skills I had but there were indeed some problems, as I'd set it up mostly by-eye, based on photos. I had rendered it with VRAY which was pretty new to me at the time, on a PC that struggled with the task. That's like a 5 hour render.

Fast forward another 11 years. I'm bored and I start to think let's have a look at the old gal and see what I can improve by re-rendering it with Corona and a decade more experience. Some of it held up pretty well, but the body was all sorts of wrong, incorrect and poorly modeled. the interior was bad, and I never could get the headlights right (hence this "hide my weaknesses" view).

So I redid ALL the materials, scrapped the entire body and interior. Build some new chassis parts in CAD and replaced the body and interior with all new geometry.  And here it is all freshened up with new parts and newer skills

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